Your Pixel’s Alarm Clock Has a Bizarre but Lethal Flaw

Whomst among the us even now relies on a common alarm clock to wake up? It is just one a lot more task smartphones have appear to dominate in their temporary tenure. But the two selections have their execs and disadvantages: A (billed) smartphone will hardly ever fall short on your mainly because your electrical power went out right away. (The McCallister relatives would’ve liked a good Christmas in Paris had they a Pixel.) But your smartphone’s smarts can also get in the way, and even end your alarm ahead of you have a prospect to wake up.

Not too long ago, Redditor asevarte could not realize why their Pixel wasn’t waking them up. Some times the alarm would go off as envisioned, but, many others, it wouldn’t, and they’d wake up to a backup alarm established 30 minutes later on. It didn’t make feeling. The mobile phone was set to engage in a Spotify playlist at a certain time. Barring a glaring Android bug, there was no reason it shouldn’t have virtually sounded the alarm.

And then, asevarte figured it out. One early morning, they transpired to wake right before the alarm went off. At the appointed time, the Pixel started enjoying a random song from the Spotify playlist—The Pixies’ The place Is My Mind? Practically promptly, it shut off. But why?

The track, for these who do not know, begins with a large take note, adopted by a loud “STOP.” And that’s when the alarm turned off.

Oh my god.

Google Assistant, in its quest to be as practical as attainable, will cancel a modern request if you merely question it to “stop.” You do not need an “OK Google” or a “Hey Google”—only a “stop.” Of training course, the intention is for the user to say “stop,” but Android may possibly not be in a position to differentiate concerning your voice and a crystal clear, loud “stop” at the get started of a music.

Whilst Wherever Is My Mind? functions a minimal much too well below, I consider any song that starts equally will have the very same effect. Ice Ice Child could likely do the very same, as could Simply cannot Contact This, although with any luck , the beat would wake you right before “Stop! Hammer Time” rolled all around.

In any situation, it’s a silly quirk of Android and Google Pixel, and when the risk is reduced it will have an affect on you, it’s a superior PSA to vet the songs on your wakeup playlist.

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