You Can Actually Result in Two Shortcuts With the Iphone 15 Pro’s Action Button

The Iphone 15 Professional’s Action Button is a recreation-changer. With it, you can quickly launch capabilities like the digital camera and flashlight, or, if you are truly imaginative, a host of beneficial shortcuts and automations. But what’s superior than assigning 1 shortcut to the Action Button? Assigning two shortcuts to the Motion Button.

That is the clever hack Federico Viticci revealed on his MacStories site. Viticci is acknowledged for producing a huge library of shortcuts, and his most up-to-date development is MultiButton, which uses a workaround that let’s you to induce two shortcuts making use of the Action Button. The logic powering MultiButton is effortless to follow—press the Motion Button at the time to trigger your most important shortcut, and push it a 2nd time—within seven seconds of the to start with press—to bring about the second shortcut.

Here’s what Viticci claims about his shortcut:

All of this wouldn’t have been necessary if Apple supported several gestures for the Action button, these types of as double- and triple-presses. Alas, in this version of iOS 17 for the Apple iphone 15 Professional, the Motion button can only be related with a person shortcut at a time. That seemed like something I could repair with some clever programming in Shortcuts.

As he notes, Apple does not make it possible for you to double or triple-faucet the Motion Button for distinctive steps by default, and so his shortcut addresses this gap—type of. Your 1st Motion Button faucet will continue to trigger your initially shortcut, even if you immediately stick to it up with another to start your next, so you are going to need to have to be thoughtful about the shortcuts you choose and the purchase in which you assign them. And if you’re thinking about the 7-next timer concerning the two presses of the Motion Button, Viticci states it’s an arbitrary amount he selected based on his use of the button. If you press the Action Button a second time immediately after 7 seconds, it’ll keep on to set off the most important shortcut you assigned.

You can obtain the MultiButton shortcut here, but it’s worth checking out the primary web site article, exactly where Viticci provides in depth instructions on how to configure the shortcut, suggests probable use cases, and gives illustrations of how you can make the most of this shortcut tweak. Have enjoyable doubling the utility of 1 of the best capabilities of your new Iphone 15 Professional.

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