October 2021

October 2021

September 26, 2021 0 By Owly

Each month I’ll be scouting ahead to some of the impending indies I’m excited for.

Dear Agony Aunt

Release dateOctober 1st
Platform(s) – Steam

You’re on your way to becoming a professional agony aunt! All you have to do now is get through the trial period. Respond to messages using a retro 2006 email client. The replies you send will determine whether you are hired or fired at the end of the week. Good luck!

Moonglow Bay

Release dateOctober 7th
Platform(s) – Steam / Gamepass / Xbox Series S/X / Xbox One / Epic
Twitter @MoonglowBay

Moonglow Bay is set along the Eastern Canadian coastline during the 1980s and offers players a diverse and emotionally charged story, complemented by a relaxing, slice-of-life fishing RPG. You play as a rookie angler, struggling to fulfil your partner’s final wish by keeping a business afloat in the face of impending bankruptcy. With your journal and rod in hand, explore the furthest reaches of the ocean, from frigid glaciers to boiling geysers, and learn to cast nets, set traps and fish through ice, documenting over 100 varied aquatic species while uncovering the secrets of Moonglow Bay.

Escape Simulator

Release dateOctober 19th
Platform(s) – PC/Mobile/AR/VR
WebsitePine Studio

Escape Simulator is a first-person puzzler you can play solo or in an online co-op. Explore a growing set of highly interactive escape rooms. Move furniture, pick up and examine everything, smash pots and break locks! Supports community-made rooms through the level editor.

War Mongrels

Release dateOctober 19th
Platform(s) – PC

War Mongrels is an isometric real-time tactics game that takes place on the eastern front of World War II. Its story-driven campaign takes inspiration in the grim events that actually took place and the real stories that arose from them. Dive into the dark side of war on your own or in co-op.