How to Change iMessage Background on iOS 17: Exploring iMessage Customization

How to Change iMessage Background on iOS 17

In the world of instant messaging, customization plays a significant role in personalizing the user experience. While iOS devices offer a seamless messaging platform through iMessage, users often seek ways to enhance their conversations beyond the default settings. One common desire among iOS users is the ability to change the iMessage background. In this article, Brokenowly will delve into the possibilities of how to change imessage background on ios 17, exploring both official and unofficial methods to achieve this.

Understanding iMessage Background Customization:

iMessage, Apple’s proprietary messaging service, provides a sleek and intuitive platform for communication between iOS and macOS users. However, unlike some other messaging apps, iMessage does not offer built-in options to customize the background of conversations. The default iMessage background remains consistent across all conversations, featuring a clean and minimalistic design.

iMessage Background Customization

Despite the lack of native support for background customization, users have expressed a strong desire to personalize their iMessage experience. Whether it’s adding a splash of color or setting a custom image as the background, the ability to change the iMessage background can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of conversations.

Exploring Official Methods: How to Change iMessage Background on iOS 17

As of iOS 17, Apple has not introduced official tools or settings to change the iMessage background. The Messages app, which serves as the interface for iMessage conversations, maintains a uniform background across all chats. While Apple frequently updates iOS with new features and enhancements, background customization has yet to be included as a built-in option.

Despite the absence of official support, Apple continually listens to user feedback and may consider introducing background customization in future iOS updates. Until then, users seeking to change the iMessage background must explore alternative methods, including third-party apps and workarounds.

How to Change iMessage Background on iOS 17

Alternative Solutions:

While iOS itself does not offer native support for changing the iMessage background, users can explore third-party apps and tweaks that claim to provide this functionality. It’s important to note that these solutions may not be officially endorsed or supported by Apple, and users should exercise caution when installing them on their devices.

One approach to changing the iMessage background involves jailbreaking the device, a process that removes software restrictions imposed by Apple. Jailbreaking allows users to access and modify system files, opening up a wide range of customization options that are not available on non-jailbroken devices. However, jailbreaking can void the device’s warranty and pose security risks, so it’s not recommended for all users.

Alternative Solutions

For those who prefer to stay within the confines of Apple’s ecosystem, there are alternative messaging apps available on the App Store that offer more extensive customization options. While these apps may not integrate directly with iMessage, they provide a platform for personalized messaging experiences, including customizable backgrounds, themes, and stickers.

Exploring Third-Party Apps:

Several third-party apps claim to offer background customization for iMessage conversations. These apps typically allow users to select from a variety of pre-designed backgrounds or set custom images as the background for their messages. While some of these apps may provide a satisfactory experience, others may fall short of expectations in terms of performance and reliability.

Before downloading any third-party app, it’s essential to read user reviews and consider factors such as app ratings, developer reputation, and compatibility with your device and iOS version. Additionally, be mindful of any potential privacy concerns associated with granting third-party apps access to your messages and personal data.

One popular approach to changing the iMessage background involves using photo editing apps to create custom backgrounds. Users can design their desired background using an image editing app and then set the edited image as the background for their iMessage conversations. While this method requires some creativity and technical know-how, it offers a level of customization that is not achievable through the default settings of iOS.


The ability of how to change imessage background on ios 17 remains a coveted feature among Apple users. While Apple has not yet introduced native support for background customization, there are alternative methods and third-party solutions available for those seeking to personalize their messaging experience. Whether through jailbreaking, third-party apps, or creative workarounds, users can explore various options to achieve their desired level of customization. As iOS continues to evolve, it’s possible that Apple may incorporate background customization into future updates, providing users with even more ways to tailor their iMessage conversations to their liking.

Throughout this article, we’ve explored the desire how to change imessage background on ios 17, examining both the limitations of the native platform and the alternative methods available to users. While the process may require some experimentation and exploration, the end result can enhance the aesthetic appeal of iMessage conversations, making them more engaging and personalized for users. Whether through official updates from Apple or innovative solutions from third-party developers, the quest to customize the iMessage background continues to drive creativity and innovation in the iOS ecosystem.

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