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#3 Calluna: The Adventures of Ole Bull

You can tell straight away when a game has been made with love. When passion and pride fill every corner of the screen. For me, this level of effort will always go a long way to help overlook the shortcomings of a game. Calluna has it’s issues, but you can feel as you progress through…

By Owly October 9, 2021 0

#2 Dear Agony Aunt

Dear Agony Aunt graced Steam on October 1st, and it is the debut release for developer/publisher Faye Strawberry. You play as a prospective agony aunt, having a weeks trial at EF Magazine. The game is gloriously set in late 2006, complete with a Stone Henge desktop background and garish Microsoft Windows theme. This is your…

By Owly October 2, 2021 0

October 2021

Each month I’ll be scouting ahead to some of the impending indies I’m excited for. Dear Agony Aunt Release date – October 1stPlatform(s) – Steam You’re on your way to becoming a professional agony aunt! All you have to do now is get through the trial period. Respond to messages using a retro 2006 email…

By Owly September 26, 2021 0

#1 Teacup

Developed by Smarto Club, and published by Whitethorn Games, Teacup is a short adventure that released on September 23rd via Steam, Xbox, PS4, and Epic, with a Switch release due on September 30th. The publishers, Whitethorn Games, pride themselves on being the “defenders of easy games”. It was only while browsing their website that I…

By Owly September 25, 2021 0