‚ÄčI have been gaming since roughly 1995. My current collection includes an original Gameboy, Playstation Classic, PS Vita, GBC, GBA, Gamecube, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Sega Mega Drive Classic, SNES Classic, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S, and my gaming laptop.

As a promoter, I have to stay relatively organised. Before I began Broken Owly, I put a plan into action and beat my backlog. In 2019, I beat 90 games. In 2020, I beat 136. In 2021, I beat 208.

Gaming achievements that I’m most proud of include beating The Last of Us Part 2 and all the Uncharted games on their hardest difficulty settings. I’m also proud to have rolled credits on Cluster Truck, Cuphead, and Sifu.

My all-time favourite games include Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars, Wingspan, Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth, The Movies, Last of Us Part 2, Pokemon Red/Blue, Valheim, Beyond Good and Evil, Uncharted 3 etc. I love a good story, some action, or a management game. I’m also enjoying RPGs more, the older I get.

Broken Owly came about because over the last few years I have shifted dramatically from AAA games to indies. I find it hard to trust AAA games and the companies behind them these days – their motives and ethics are disheartening. I’m old enough to know how good gaming can be, so I want to do my bit to help smaller developers and studios. They deserve it.

Outside of gaming and being an indie promoter, I work as a private music tutor, musician, singer/songwriter, author, illustrator, and voice actor.